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Casa de la Cubano Classics: Musica Traditional (Disc 1) - $10 in Guelph, Ontario for sale

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Casa de la Cubano Classics: Musica Traditional (Disc 1)

From the 'exclusive' Casa de la Cubano Classics Collector's Series, Musica Traditional (Disc 1), brings you a variety of the best Cuban musicians of all time with a sampling of some of their best songs and compositions. From the era of Benny More and Celia Cruz to the more contemporary sounds of Cuarteto Patria and Buena Vista Social Club stars Ibrahim Ferrer and Eliades Ochoa, this musical collection by super fan/mixer - Ste-vie-O - guarantees to get your hips moving and your party swinging and singing from start to finish!

Featuring 14 songs from half a dozen different groups, 10 different albums and a bevy of musicians -- this special Cuban collector's CD with over an hour of music...that took years to collect...can now be part of your own collection!

For just $10.00 (Shipping extra. Enquire)
For a limited time only! You won't find this in any stores!

* Bonus Cuban Cigar with the purchase of both Casa de la Cubana Classic CDs
(Disc 1 & 2) while supplies last!!

Email to reserve your order and make arrangements for pickup, drop-off or delivery

Payment by certified personal cheque or cash. No refunds or returns. Price subject to change. Toronto-area customer pickup (Bloor/Jane area, free parking) or public area drop-off (e.g. Jane Subway Station) at no extra cost.

Contents: 1. La Sopa en Botella, Celia Cruz and Benny More; 2. Cha Cha Guere, Celia Cruz; 3. Diverse, Ibrahim Ferrer; 4. Gauteque Campesino, I. Ferrer;
5. Marieta, I. Ferrer; 6. Mumbo Yo Yo, I. Ferrer; 7. I'm going to Sibanicu, Eliades Ochoa and Cuarteto Patria; 8. Chan Chan, E. Ochoa, Cuarteto Patria; 9. Saludo Compay, E. Ochoa; 10. El Cuarto de Tula, E. Ochoa; 11. Que Lio Compay Andres,
E. Ochoa; 12. Pintate los labios Maria, E. Ochoa; 13. Ay Papacito, E. Ochoa;
14. Un Negrito en a Habana, Eliades Ochoa.

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